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When state-subsidized therapy is unavailable, the alternative is private therapy, which may exclude many families for financial reasons. The Aidan Project will allocate funds to provide financial assistance for families in need.


The Aidan Project awarded

37 scholarships

Total award

amount over


Award recipients receive services from

15 different clinics

Award recipients represent

30 different zip codes

in the KC area

Over 60% of scholarship recipients describe their therapy needs as

“long term”

Over 50% of families describe their child's therapy needs

as “high”

Over 50% of households have multiple children with pediatric therapy needs

93% of families 

reported positive progress from the therapy they

have received

2024 Scholarship Applications are now closed

Over the next few months our scholarship review committee will be reviewing all applications. We look forward to notifying applicants of their scholarship awards

in January 2024.

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"As a family of 7 facing multiple health needs and financial challenges this year, there’s no way we could have provided these amazing therapies for our daughter without the help of The Aidan Project."

All donations collected from our website will go directly into our scholarship fund. Click HERE to donate now. 

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