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Have you been evaluated by the State?

If you did not qualify, The Aidan Project will help you get started with a private evaluation!

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“The Aidan Project has been a major blessing to my family’s life. [She was evaluated by the state twice, and barely missed qualifying.]  The state sent me a pamphlet for The Aidan Project …

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"6 months ago, Selena couldn’t even put 2 words together. Everyday things such as brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, wearing shoes, etc. set her off."

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"Today, she’s able to speak in sentences, cleans up her toys, enjoys puzzles, walk on a balance beam, hop & jump, catch a ball, and so much more we didn’t know she was missing out on."

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"Selena was seen. She was heard. She is so blessed to be given this opportunity. We truly owe it all to the Aidan Project.”

Read Selena's family testimonial on how TAP advocated for her!

Email to get started!

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