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The Aidan Project strives to provide access to early intervention therapy services for every child with a developmental delay.


We CONNECT families that do not qualify for state-funded early intervention with local clinics specializing in services such as occupational, speech, physical and behavioral therapy.

Our scholarship fund provides financial SUPPORT for families in need.

We ADVOCATE for children with developmental delays and provide resources for families that have not found the assistance they are seeking.

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is early intervention?

Therapy services provided early in life, from birth until the age of 3, are considered early intervention. These services include occupational, speech, physical and behavioral therapy.

States provide children with early intervention services, but the resources allocated to these  programs are not sufficient to serve all children affected by developmental delays. The Aidan Project is designed to reach those families that do not qualify for state early intervention programs. 


early intervention?

Early intervention can change the developmental trajectory of a child’s life, and improve outcomes for children, families & communities. The Aidan Project wants to reach families of children that “fall through the cracks” and help their children reach their maximum potential.


Our belief is that when more families provide early intervention for their children, less therapy will be required later in their lives. In addition to saving families money, early intervention also has the potential to free up resources in our school systems allowing them to service more children in need. 

All donations collected from our website will go directly into our scholarship fund. Click HERE to donate now. 

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